Want a beard like a Viking?

Our most loyal of Vikings follow a daily beard care regimen.
How does that work?
In 3 steps.
(Since that is all we have the patience for around here.)

What you need: 

Beard Conditioner, Oil, and Balm.

 Step 1:

The first step is to apply our Beard Conditioner to a wet/damp beard. Our Conditioner is designed to deeply moisturize your locks making them healthy and soft.

Step 2:

Next, grab that Beard Oil! Start out with pea-size amount. If you have a longer beard apply more as needed. This will seal in the moisture from the Conditioner and further nourish your hair.

Step 3:

The last step is our Beard Balm which is used for double-sealing and to style your beard as desired. We get asked a lot what the difference is between the Balm and Conditioner. So, let me drop some knowledge on you before we continue. The Balm is a molding product, while the Conditioner is mainly created for moisture. So now that we cleared that up, go ahead and use our Beard Balm to shape your beard and lock it in for maximum awesomeness!


You can alter these steps for what works for you. We believe in creative freedom, Dude! We also understand that our Vikings are unique, so what works for some may not work for all.
Psst! FYI.... If you are not 100 percent satisfied with our products we will give you your money back. Because at Smooth Viking we always put our money where our mouth is.


If you are still reading obviously you are an "overachiever". We like that. To make sure your beard is groomed to perfection use our Smooth Viking Beard Brush or Comb to really work in the products. It also will help you with shaping your beard rather than just using your hands. Pro Tips, Man. Now go take care of that beard like a true Viking.