Smooth Who?

Ah, the dreaded 'About Us' section... that neglected corner of every website that most people don’t read, right? Hmm. So hypothetically speaking, we could say something completely ridiculous here, and no one would have a clue – like how our founder is a real 10th century Viking that was cryogenically frozen until 2014 to start Smooth Viking.

That would be pretty cool, but it would probably be better if we kept it real. So, here’s the real story.

The one thing we didn’t exaggerate about is that Smooth Viking started in 2014. Back then, we didn’t think that the beard care products on the market were really cutting it. We thought beards deserved more than a bunch of useless ingredients that don’t work, so we created Smooth Viking to give our fellow bearded brothers a better alternative. But, we didn't just stop there. We eventually expanded our horizons to cover hair care territory, too.


Did you know that there’s been heated debates, Netflix documentaries, social media disputes, and best-selling books that have tried to dissect why we chose Smooth Viking as our brand name? It’s true. Definitely. Yup.

Actually, none of that is true… not even a little bit. We really do get a lot of questions about our name, though.

Since our products are formulated for men with a style ahead of their time, we could think of no better inspiration for our brand than the infamous 10th century Vikings. Why, you ask? Because Vikings weren’t just a bunch of ragged, unkempt dudes with cool helmets. They were actually some of the most hygienic, well-groomed people of their time. Hard to believe, right?

In fact, historians have stated that Vikings kept themselves very clean, and even bathed regularly once a week (which was preposterous at the time). Plus, archaeologists have even found combs, tweezers, razors and various other grooming utensils which indicate that Vikings wanted to look their brutish best at all times.

We dig that.


It’s no longer socially acceptable to wear Viking helmets anymore (which is downright absurd to us), but we still want to bring back that Viking spirit with our collection of premium beard and hair care products for the modern man. That’s where you come in.

Just like the Vikings of old, you’re the guy that works hard and plays hard, but you also want to look your best while doing so. After all, you’re not just some random face in the crowd. You’re practically a living legend that’s cementing your place in human history as we speak. Thus, you want products that’ll help you look the part, minus the wimpy ingredients.

If that sounds like you, good. You came to the right place. Our collection of premium beard and hair care products will give you exactly what you need to turn your look into the stuff of legend.

Just don't forget to give us a shout-out during your televised 'Lifetime Achievement Award' acceptance speech. We'll be watching with tears of joy.