Hydrating Fiber Cream

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Here's How You Can Always Look Your Best With A Hair Clay.

Are you looking for a hair fiber cream to help you improve your image effortlessly?

Presenting The Must-Have Hair Cream For Frizzy Hair By Smooth Viking!

Now you don't have to settle for a cheaply-made men's hair gel that will make your hair look crusty and stiff or low-quality hair products of questionable origin that can even induce hair loss.

The Smooth Viking medium hold men's hair cream is here to change your hairstyling routine. Made with the finest ingredients, our styling hair cream will be a breath of fresh air especially for damaged hair. Enjoy soft and healthy hair like never before.

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons Why Men and Hairstylists All Around The World Choose Our Men's Matte Fiber Cream:

✅ UPGRADE YOUR GROOMING RITUAL: You want to enter the daily life battlefield looking your best! A modern Viking knows that in the styling game, no extra fuss is needed when you have the right weapons. Let our men hair shaping cream be your ally in the war against wild hair.

✅ NO MORE GREASY SHINE: Early 2000s' hair called and asked for their extra shine back! Our matte men's hair paste will make sure that the extra shine will stay in the past where it belongs and away from your hair. Be in fashion and up to date with the Smooth Viking fiber cream.

✅ TAKE CARE OF YOUR VIKING: Be the Freya of his heart and help your Thor take care of his epic beard with the Smooth Viking hair paste. Offer a great and practical gift to your loved one to help him take his image to the next level.

Need More Reasons?

✔️ USA Made

✔️ Water Soluble

✔️ Ideal For Shorter Hairstyles

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