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Great News! Now You Can Add Texture To Your Hair Without Making It Look Greasy!

Need a strong hold, matte finish styling hair clay to take full control of your thick hair?

Want a natural high hold hair clay for that perfect, textured, matte effect?

Introducing The Best Matte Hair Clay For Men  By Smooth Viking!

Steer clear of extra strong hold hair paste that feels like glue on your hair, greasy clay pomade products that make your hair sticky and men’s matte styling clay products with terrible smells.

The Smooth Viking Matte Finish Grooming Hair Clay is here to help you style your hair in the desired form and keep it in place all day – while you work, exercise or have fun!

Why Choose Our Hair Clay For Men? Here Are The Top 3 Reasons!

 MAKE YOUR HAIRSTYLE LAST LONGER: Unlike many inefficient hair gels and pomades, our strong styling clay will help you keep your neat hairstyle, even if you sweat in the gym or work outdoors on a hot summer day.

  IMPRESS EVERYONE: Instead of wasting money on greasy hair styling clay products that make your hair heavy, cause itchiness or irritations, you can invest in a shine-free, matte hair molding clay that will make even the trendiest hairstyle look natural.

  USE IT ON ANY HAIR TYPE: Whether you have short, long, wavy, curly or thick hair, this matte hair wax clay is for you. Apply it on dry or damp hair and make your hairstyle last all day!

Need More Reasons?

✔ Made In The USA

✔ Non-Greasy Beeswax, Castor Oil And Soy Bean Oil Formula

✔ Great For All Hair Types

What You Get:

1* Strong Hold Matte Finish Men’s Hair Clay (2 Oz)

Do Not Hesitate!

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