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Want To Soften, Nourish & Easily Style Your Beard? We’ve Got You Covered!

Need a herbal, easy to use beard shaping balm to hydrate, nourish and repair your dry beard and make it easier manageable?

Introducing The #1 Beard Balm Leave-In Conditioner By Smooth Viking!

Now you don’t have to settle for low-quality beard cream or gel products that leave residue on your beard, unreliable beard or mustache thickener balms that arrive in messy bottles or beard straightener products with awful smells.

The Smooth Viking Beard Shaping Balm is finally here to help you tame your thick, wild beard and mustache and give it the desired style that underlines your personality!

Why Choose Our Beard And Mustache Balm? Here Are The Top 3 Reasons!

 EASILY SHAPE YOUR LONG BEARD: Unlike heavy beard pomade products that make your facial hairs feel greasy, our essential oil formula is lightweight, to help you take control of even the wildest beard – without causing a speck of greasiness.

  GET AN EPIC BEARD WITHIN SECONDS: Instead of wasting money on inefficient beard grooming balms, you can invest in a premium beard conditioner for men, which will perfectly hydrate your beard and leave it scented with a masculine Nordic Spice fragrance.

  APPLY, LET DRY & YOU’RE DONE: Rub a small amount of the Smooth Viking styling balm between your fingers, spread it evenly throughout your beard, give it a few minutes to dry and off you go to your activities.

Need More Reasons?

✔ Hydrating, Quick-Drying

✔ USA-Made Vegan Formula

✔ Travel-Friendly Package

What You Get:

1* Leave-In Beard Softener Styling Conditioner Balm (2 Oz)

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