Hair & Beard Growth Support

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  • HAIR & BEARD GROWTH SUPPORT: Smooth Viking ultimate hair growth support is a specially formulated men’s supplement with a blend of natural vitamins and minerals that support the appearance of thicker and healthier hair for the scalp and facial hair area. Whether its for a dapper hairdo or an awesome beard, our beard growth pills will help promote full and healthy looking hair, as well as hydrated and itch-free skin. Our beard pills will give you a thick, full and soft beard. 
  • POWERFUL DHT BLOCKER: These beard vitamins growth capsules come packed with natural DHT blocking ingredients that may stop DHT levels from producing, which makes this the ultimate prevention solution for hair pattern baldness for adults. No more itching and dandruff, this potent herbal blend also restores your hair’s shine, elasticity and density. This beard thickener for men is ideal for any beard type, our beard growth supplements for men will help you grow the perfect beard! 
  • BIOTIN FOR HAIR GROWTH: Smooth Viking biotin beard growth capsules are packed with 5000mcg of Biotin, Vitamin A and Vitamin C to help you achieve a fuller beard. Biotin is crucial to hair growth as it supports the production of keratin, the main protein found in your hair strands. Our beard growth vitamin supplement will help restore thickness, strength, softness to the hair. No need to take multiple pills throughout the day! Just take 2 capsules daily to nourish your beard from the inside out. 
  • SUPPORTS SKIN: What is the point of your beard looking great when your skin is irritated? None. Our beard supplements for men contains Horsetail, a potent nourishing herb for hair and your skin. It adds volume to your hair and cleanses your skin. These capsules promote healthy tone, texture and overall health of the skin. No more itch! This supplement helps keep the skin on the scalp and face soft and smooth. Say goodbye to scraggly patchy facial hair by using our beard growing pills for men. 
  • YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED: At Smooth Viking, we understand that you are placing your trust in us to provide you with the safest, highest quality, mens beard products available. We take this trust seriously and we have 100% confidence in the quality of our products and continuously strive to deliver the best customer experience. We truly care about every single one of our customers. Not only are our men’s grooming products made with love, but we go above & beyond with our customer care.